LatinTragopogon porrifolius

Chiltern Seeds say: "Often called the Vegetable Oyster because its flavour is said to be not unlike oysters - however, we canĀ“t help thinking that Salsify is as near as most of us will get to finding out what an oyster tastes like, rather than the other way round! Grown for its roots, which look like large white Carrots, it is an easily raised winter vegetable. Sow 1 in. deep in drills in spring and roots will be ready from October onwards. Lift as required, scald the roots, scrape and leave in water, to which a few drops of lemon juice have been added, for half an hour or so, boil and serve with a white sauce, or fry and serve with a drop more lemon juice. Any roots not eaten by the following spring will produce tender shoots which can be cut when about 6 ins. long, and cooked like Asparagus."

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