Abbey Gardens viewed from the Webcam

Urban Seed Day I

Saturday 16th August 2008, 15:00 – 17:30

Event with expert botanist Roy Vickery

In the summer of 2008 we held two URBAN SEED DAYS at Abbey Gardens encouraging folk to get involved with What Will The Harvest Be?

The idea was to gather or sow some seeds for the coming Harvest Garden and to talk more about our long term proposals for the site. Botanist Roy Vickery (of South London Botanical Institute) joined us for the first afternoon and led a great walk around the garden looking at wildflowers that had been imported, blown onto or deliberately planted on the site. Besides just identifying an amazing range of plants from Mugwort & Corn Cockle, to tomatoes & Physalis (!) Roy was also able to reveal some fascinating folklore about the different plants. Karen then gave a master-class on seed propagation, with some hands on volunteers sewing seeds of plants to be used the next year.

The events were supported by Newham Council & Friends of Abbey Gardens, with additional free seeds from the wonderful Chiltern Seeds.