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On Saturday Chris tactfully took me aside to break the news that half my precious crop of artichokes grown from seed seem to have mysteriously died ... after some discussion of foxes/birds etc. we decided someone must have accidentally weeded them out realised their mistake and tried to pop them back.

Today this email from Dasha "..I am sorry I have a bad news for you...I accidentally pulled out some of the artichokes from the central bed thinking that they were weeds (they looked like thistles). In fact Louis pulled some too because I told him that they were weeds and then we realised that they were kind of symetrical. So we quickly put them back but the damage is done..."

I actually think they might make it back, they have been through so much so far waiting indefinitely in pots for Danny and co. to finish their bed. Sadly they're quite tricky to grow from seed but we could try some more next spring. However, I have since read that it's in fact better to start them off by splitting older ones so we may want to try and find an allotment person with another type we can split from.

Sadly (for everyone else) this can only increase my manic labelling obsession, maybe I need a label each for them!!



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