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Holidays and Harvest

The harvest this Saturday
The harvest this Saturday

Hamish is back from his holidays but there is practically a Euro-Exit from the core FOAG group all making their way to the continent for the summer holiday period. So, for those of us staying in the UK there is a LOT of produce to harvest ... if you're spending the summer in London you could do a lot worse than some light weeding at Abbey Gardens in return for lots of nice veg - come and join us for a gardening session: 

Saturdays 10am - 3pm
Tuesdays 1pm - 3pm
Thursdays 4pm - dusk


Hamish was excited to find this unexpected visitor in our raised beds ... it's a parasitic plant apparently, we think just the 'common' Broomrape but we're not 100% sure. Any experts out there chip in!

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Big Lunch

The Friends of Abbey Gardens will be having lunch at Abbey Gardens this Saturday 17 June at 1pm.

We have decided to advance this nationwide event and have lunch as part of our regular gardening session. We would like to ask everyone to bring food to share. We will get the BBQ going so feel free to bring anything you would like to cook. We have lots of potatoes and onions to make potato salad and lettuce for the green stuff. If you are lucky we will still have some artichokes left. Any contributions of cakes for pudding will be greatly appreciated! 

Sadly Karen and I will both miss this event - Karen is opening her own garden as part of the NGS scheme and I will be away filming on the Essex coast - the regular FOAG gang will all be there though & new visitors are always welcome.

Karen gives a free talk at the CCA in Glasgow tomorrow!

I've been asked to talk about What Will the Harvest Be? as part of a season called (like it) 'This Land is Your Land' at the CCA gallery in Glasgow tomorrow, Saturday 10th July at 3.30pm

Do come if you can. Details here.

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