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Finally blue flowers

It's been a long wait but the Meconopsis have finally flowered!

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First Flowers

First bunch of flowers for me this season
First bunch of flowers for me this season

Food wise I have to admit we're in a bit of a 'hungry gap' in the garden at the moment - unless like me you are still utterly determined to continue to innovate with chard and parsley (!) but the new season is just around the corner ... seed trays are multiplying and today I picked my first bunch of flowers.

The Aquilegia I grew from seeds gathered from my late Father-in-law Derek Olden's allotment. I always really love the associations plants can have with particular people and these are no exception. It even made me happy to be updating the plant database tonight because I realised that this is what I love about it ... as well as all the 'facts' we record here it's also a record of everyone who contributes to the garden over time, and the plants they grow can continue even when they are no longer with us.

OMG the Dahlias are back

I got VERY excited in the garden today the dahlia's I grew from seed last year and left in over winter to see if they would form tubers have and have come up again!

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