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What WILL The Harvest Be?

A small spring intervention spotted on the current site!
A small spring intervention spotted on the current site!

Spring waits for no commissioning process and just in the nick of time it seems that all the pieces of the laborious Abbey Gardens funding and permissions process are slipping into place. SO we are delighted to announce two up and coming events for those who would like to visit the site (before it all changes) and find out more about becoming involved:

Meet the artists: Join the artists and Friends of Abbey Gardens on site.
We will be at Abbey Gardens from 11.30 to 13.00 on Sunday April 5th. We'll have the site plans with us and free seeds to give away to anyone keen to start growing plants for the Harvest Garden - instructions given for gardening newbies!

You are also welcome to join us on the ‘Three Mills Loop’ walk (led by Gordon Joly) which immediately follows the meeting and will take walkers across the Olympic site ending at Three Mills.

Friends of Abbey Gardens Meeting: FOAG will be meeting at the site on Sunday April 26th at 11.30 am, this meeting will provide a progress update for members and a chance to sign up for activities at the garden over the next few months. New members are welcome. Free seeds available.

London logs

A mere fragment of Leaside Wood Recycling
A mere fragment of Leaside Wood Recycling

Many thanks to Danny of City Wood Services who gave us a fascinating tour of Leaside Wood Recycling Project on Saturday. I've often passed this strange facility on the side of a busy London road and wondered what lay behind their hand painted facade - now I know!

Beyond the fence is a fascinating and seemingly endless collection of wood 'harvested' from London and beyond, all ready to be recycled. The wood can come from a variety of sources - anything from fallen trees to 'art waste' from galleries, basically they process and store it and can then cut and supply it to clients. Considering Abbey Gardens is a stone's throw away it would be really interesting to see if we can collaborate on the project. Danny also gave me some very helpful advice regarding working with untreated (ie. non-toxic) woods and how long each might last.

I like the idea that we might re-use 'gallery art' on the ground.

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