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Seeded site 21/05/08

Fingers crossed for enough rain to help the grass grow ...

Seed Shape Update

Tim helps out revealing the seed shape
Tim helps out revealing the seed shape

Photo: Nina Pope

Last week, once the contractors had seeded the whole site with a mixture of wild flowers and 'regular' grass seed, Tim & I went to Abbey Gardens to reveal the soil for the 'seed shape' we've made. The idea is to see what grows from the 'original' soil on the site, rather than in the new topsoil now covering the whole area.

In the weeks since we covered the shape over, the plastic (protecting this soil from the 'new seeding') has obviously acted a bit like a cloche and there is already abundant seed growth in some areas! Later in the summer we hope to use the shape as a starting point for some community events.


Any recipes post them here ...

These are one of the only things left growing around the site pre-seeding!

100 Cauliflowers

Image from the Independent Photography Flickr Site
Image from the Independent Photography Flickr Site

I received an interesting invite card at work this week for an intriguing looking project ...

"In April 2007 environmental artist Kerry Morrison was commissioned by Independent Photography (IP) to research environmental issues on the Greenwich peninsula and develop proposals for working with local residents on new art projects for the public realm. 100 Cauliflowers is one of these projects, developing from specific research into the peninsula’s history alongside discussion with residents about issues of food growing, sourcing and consumption.

100 Cauliflowers is part of IP’s ‘Peninsula‘ programme of contemporary participative art. ‘Peninsula’ commissions artists to engage with the Greenwich peninsula and its changing environment, and to produce new work in collaboration with local residents."

Visit their site to find our why cauliflowers!

The Three Mills Loop

The cathedral of sewage ...
The cathedral of sewage ...

Just one of the walk highlights

Our friend Gordon will be leading 2 walks over the next 2 Sundays round the 'three mills loop'. Readers of this blog will recognise the route from the one we took a couple of weeks ago prompting descent into a 'structural hole' - I hope these two prove as productive!

The Three Mills Loop (a circular walk starting and ending at House Mill) will take place for the next two Sundays, May 4th and May 11th, at 1 pm and for the next few months on the first Sunday of the month.

The walk starts and ends at House Mill, Three Mill Lane, London E3 3DU which is near Tesco on the A12. Bromley by Bow is the near tube station.

More details here

No registration required.

The House Mill is open from 11 am for tours, which last between 45 minutes and an hour: click here for more information.

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