Abbey Gardens viewed from the Webcam A: Herbs (9) B: Eryngium, Allium & Aquilegia (8) C: Salads (10) D: Potatoes (8) E: Garlic & Onions (7) F: Tomatoes & Basil (7) G: Brassicas (6) I: Wild Flowers (1) J: Parsnips, Salsify & Scorzonera (4) K: Mecanopsis & Perennials (9) L: Rhubarb & Strawberries (5) M: Sweet Corn, Squash & Courgettes (9) O: Eryngium, Allium & Aquilegia (7) P: Salads (13) Q: Potatoes (5) R: Garlic & Onions (8) S: Tomatoes & Basil (9) T: Brassicas (5) U: Leeks (6) W: Comfrey (1) X: Sweet Potatoes (10) Y: Carrots & Parsnips (8) Z: Sweet Corn, Squash & Courgettes (8) 1: Mint (1) 2: Cut Flowers (8) 3: Globe Artichokes & Perennial Flowers (4) 4: Hysop (1) 5: Chilli Peppers & Basil (4) 6: Beans & Sweet Peas (10) 7: Chilli Peppers & Basil (1) 8: Beans & Sweet Peas (10) Wall: Fruit Wall (23)
Use your mouse to see what's in each bed.
Lettuce 'Arctic King'
Lettuce 'Arctic King', Note left 2013/06/17
ID #3304
Divided Scabiosa
Divided Scabiosa "Beaujolais Bonnets" grown by Nina, Note left 2013/06/17
ID #2671
Apple cordon
Apple cordon "Herefordshire Russet", Note left 2013/06/17
ID #1655
Red Orache planted by Lucien
Red Orache planted by Lucien, Note left 2013/06/12
ID #3196
Coriander, Note left 2013/06/10
ID #3562
Beetroot "Bolthardy" sown by Sue, Note left 2013/06/10
ID #3159
Pea "Avola", Note left 2012/12/04
ID #4127
Winter Radishes
Winter Radishes "China Rose", Note left 2012/12/01
ID #3564

A new kind of garden

Abbey Gardens is a public space designed by Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope of Somewhere.
Led by the Friends of Abbey Gardens, what was a neglected wasteland has been transformed into a unique open-access Harvest Garden where anyone can grow and harvest flowers, fruit and vegetables. The Gardens surround part of the ruin of a protected C12th Cistercian Abbey where monks ran a productive garden, the site also displays more recent C19th remains. If you would like to look round the garden just drop in any time and visit, the gates are open daily dawn to dusk. If you want to get more involved come to our Garden Club sessions.

Free Garden Club Sesions

During the summer months the Friends of Abbey Gardens meet 3 times a week for free gardening sessions run by our Garden Club Leader Hamish Liddle. They are fun and informative and you get to take home fresh food and flowers for free!

Tuesdays 1pm-4pm
Thursdays 4pm-7pm
Saturdays 10am-4pm

New gardeners are always welcome - come and get involved and help to create a new kind of garden in Newham.
Gardening sessions have now finished for the winter.

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